• Staff Directory

    Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
    Revize Gini gini@revize.com
    Administration Robert Donohue Economic Development/DDA Director robert@southlyonmi.org 248-437-1735
    Administration Lori Mosier Bookkeeper lmosier@southlyonmi.org 248-437-1735
    Administration Lisa Deaton City Clerk/Treasurer ldeaton@southlyonmi.org 248-437-1735
    Administration Judy Pieper Deputy Clerk/Treasurer jpieper@southlyonmi.org 248-437-1735
    Police Lloyd Collins Police Chief chief@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Chris Sovik Lieutenant sovikc@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Doug Baaki Sergeant baakid@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Jared Baker Sergeant bakerj@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Chris Sederlund Sergeant sederlundc@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Audra Baker Patrol Officer bakera@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Administration Don Gotham Ordinance Officer dgotham@southlyonmi.org 248-437-1735
    Police Ron Barbour Patrol Officer barbourr@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Tracy Brooks Patrol Officer brookst@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Chris Faught Sergeant faughtc@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Sean Hoydic Patrol Officer hoydics@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Tim Raap Patrol Officer raapt@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Christine Regentik Police Records Clerk regentikc@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Tony Sroufe Patrol Officer sroufet@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Travis Stevens Patrol Officer stevenst@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police John Tomanek Patrol Officer tomanekj@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Tim Walton Patrol Officer waltont@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Mike Wittrock Patrol Officer wittrockm@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Police Jon LaChance Police Cadet lachancej@southlyonpolice.com 248-437-1773
    Public Works JJ Abramowicz Crew Member 248-437-6914
    Public Works Jeff Archey Crew Member 248-437-6914
    Public Works Ron Brock Crew Member rbrock@southlyonmi.org 248-437-6914
    Public Works Doug Buers Mechanic 248-437-6914
    Public Works Fred Dentai Crew Member 248-437-6914
    Public Works Marianne Jamison Public Works Clerk mjamison@southlyonmi.org 248-437-6914
    Public Works Mike Moritz Crew Member 248-437-3614
    Public Works Victor Paver Crew Member 248-437-6914
    Public Works Trevor Piasecki Crew Member 248-437-6914
    Public Works John Race Crew Member 248-437-6914
    Public Works Umberto Valencia Crew Member 248-437-6914
    Wastewater and Dept of Public Works Mike Boven mboven@southlyonmi.org 248-437-4006
    Water/Waste Water Judy Archey Water/Waste Water Clerk jarchey@southlyonmi.org 248-437-4006
    Water/Waste Water Cory Armstrong Operator 248-437-4006
    Water/Waste Water Ron Beason Operator 248-437-4006
    Water/Waste Water Deanna Blankstrom Operator 248-437-4006
    Water/Waste Water James Ciaramitaro Operator 248-437-4006
    Water/Waste Water Kevin Erdmann Operator 248-437-4006
    Water/Waste Water Dan Gehringer Operator 248-437-4006
    Water/Waste Water Phyllis Popravsky Utility Billing Clerk ppopravsky@southlyonmi.org 248-437-2326
    Fire Rob Vogel Fire Chief firechief@southlyonmi.org 248-437-2616
    Fire Mike Weir Deputy Fire Chief mweir@southlyonmi.org 248-2616
    Fire Cory Armstrong Captain carmstrong@southlyonmi.org 248-437-2616
    Fire Jeff Noechel Lieutenant jnoechel@southlyonmi.org 248-437-2616
    Fire Tim Wilson Lieutenant twilson@southlyonmi.org 248-437-2616
    Fire Brad Moynihan Lieutenant bmoynihan@southlyonmi.org 248-437-3616
    City Council Daniel Pelchat Mayor dpelchat@southlyonmi.org 248-916-5458
    City Council Rose Walton Council Member rwalton@southlyonmi.org
    City Council Mary Parisien Council Member mare21@comcast.net
    City Council Glenn Kivell Council Member gkivell@southlyonmi.org
    City Council Carl Richards Council Member
    City Council Margaret Kurtzweil Mayor Pro-Tem madisoncrest@hotmail.com
    Administration Patricia Tiernan Accounting Asst. ptiernan@southlyonmi.org 2484371735
    City Council Stephen Kennedy Council Member skennedy@southlyonmi.org