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    215_1_MayorJohnGaleasMayor John Galeas Jr.

    John Galeas Jr. is the Mayor for the City of South Lyon. He previously served as an appointed planning commissioner and elected City councilman for South Lyon for 6 years. John and his wife have owned 2 businesses in downtown South Lyon. John has a degree in Architectural Engineering and Design and has 25 years experience designing manufacturing facilities throughout the country. John has also been a licensed REALTOR for approx. 15 years. John and his wife Sue have been City residents for 25 years in South Lyon and both of his children Brandon and Brittany went through the South Lyon School system from K-12. His children played all the sports from cheerleading and football from panthers to HS level. John was active in the football program and his wife in the cheerleading program with the panthers.

    Something people should know about John...he is into hardcore physical fitness. CrossFit/boot camps/trail running and participated and finished in 3 Toughmudder events which sponsors the Wounded Warrior Project. "I'm always involved and engaged in everything I do. I try to be the best I can be everyday from family, business, personal and health. I believe we can always do more if we try and Never make excuses. Trust, Respect, Integrity rate very high on my list for how I try to live. I look forward to serving as Mayor for the people of the City of South Lyon”.

    Call John at 248-252-3922 or email him at jgaleas@southlyonmi.org