employment opportunties

The City of South Lyon is currently seeking candidates to fill the positions listed below:

South Lyon Fire Department
The South Lyon Fire Department is currently accepting applications for paid-on-call firefighters.
For more information and for an application, please visit www.southlyonfire.com.

South Lyon Police Department
The South Lyon Police Department is currently looking to fill an open cadet position with
starting pay at $15.53 an hour. If you are at least 18 years old and looking to become a 
Police Officer, this might be the perfect way to start your career choice!
We are looking for someone who is hardworking and wants to gain knowledge of the
day-to-day operations that occur within a police department as well as the daily
experiences one may encounter as a Police Officer. This position is part-time. Hours
available are dayshift Monday through Friday.
Click here for the link to the application for employment as well as the authorization to
release form specifically for the cadet position.
All applications and authority to release forms will need to be turned in to the front desk
of the South Lyon Police Department as soon as possible. 
Contact Sgt. Tomanek at 248-437-1773 with any questions.

The South Lyon Police Department is accepting employment applications for the position of
Administrative Coordinator. This is a union position. The ideal candidate handles the daily tasks
of all requests that come in via phone, in person, or by mail. A candidate with LEIN, T.A.C., MICJIN,
MITN, Clemis and Microsoft Office experience is strongly desired. This role is also the main hub
for processing all case reports (including all photos, video, and audio recordings) and will
require keen attention to detail. Other aspects of this position are ordering supplies, preparing
policy memos, personnel documents, and compiling data for special reports and spreadsheets.
This position will be required to prepare confidential communications and exercise considerable
judgment, professionalism, and proficiency in secretarial and office management skills.
Minimum requirements and qualifications of applicants for this position are a High School
Diploma and a minimum of two years of practical experience. Applications and release 
authorization form can be found at:

The South Lyon Police Department is currently accepting applications to establish an eligibility
list for possible future considerations. The minimum requirements and qualifications are:
Citizen of the United States, at least 18 years of age, no criminal record, acceptable driving
record, free from any physical or mental impairments that would prevent the applicant from
performing all of the normal duties required of a Police Officer, successful completion of a
Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) Police Academy, successful
completion of an Associate's Degree or equivalent number of college credit hours (60 hours
All applications must be submitted by US Mail, another delivery service, or in-person to the 
following address:
ATTN:  Lt. Sederlund
South Lyon Police Department
219 Whipple Street
South Lyon, MI  48178

Click here for employment application.
employment application