Historical Commission

The purpose of the South Lyon Area Historical Society shall be to bring together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of the South Lyon area. Understanding the history of our community is basic to our democratic way of life, giving us a better understanding of our state and nation, and promoting a better appreciation of our American heritage.

We are society members and volunteers dedicated to preserving the history of the City of South Lyon, Michigan, and the surrounding areas (including Lyon Township, Michigan). We have developed a historic village located at 300 Dorothy Street, South Lyon, consisting of the Witch’s Hat Railroad Depot & Museum, a Freight House-Meeting Hall, a Caboose, a Gazebo, a Schoolhouse, and a Chapel. We conduct and sponsor programs and presentations of history for all areas of the United States, but especially in southeastern Michigan and South Lyon. We have two annual celebrations at the historic village - “Depot Day”, and “Christmas at the Historic Village”. During the months of May through October, we are open to the public on Sunday afternoons for guided tours of the historic village.

In 2022 we began fundraising for moving a 100-year-old barn located two miles South of the historic village. The barn played an important role in developing the South Lyon area as the “Horse Capital” of Michigan. We are hoping to accomplish this fundraising project within the next two years. For more information, please call 248-437-9929. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. Written by Robert (Bob) Polasky.

The Commission shall, in concert with the City of South Lyon and the City Manager oversee the operation and maintenance of the Historical Village and its buildings and grounds.

The Historical Commission meets on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Witch's Hat Museum. 

You can find further information below:
Witch's Hat Depot Museum

Historical Commission Members:

Larry Ledbetter
Jim Race
Linda Ross
Bob Tremitiere
Phil Weipert
Gary Wickersham
Bob Martin
Pete Niedzielski