DPW- Department of Public Works

The City of South Lyon's Public Works (DPW) Department maintains a wide variety of the City's infrastructure. The DPW is responsible for services including water, sewer and storm water systems, the maintenance of the City's parks, roads, trees, cemetery and other City assets including the 4.5 miles of the Rail Trail. The DPW is committed to maintaining the City through cooperation, dedication and citizen involvement.

The DPW Garage is located at:
520 Ada Street
South Lyon, Michigan 48178
(248) 437-6914

More information about services performed or managed by the DPW can be found below:

Garbage and Recycling Collection: GFL Environmental is the garbage collection and recycling service provider for the City of South Lyon. Arrangements to begin curbside collection will be made when you contact the Water Department to begin your water service. The fee for this service will be included in your quarterly water bill. Large items may be placed at the curb for pickup on your regular garbage day. Refrigerator and freezer doors must be removed from the item and refrigerant must be removed as well. Contact a local HVAC company for refrigerant removal.  
Contact information for GFL Environmental is 844-464-3587

Collection Days and Times:
Garbage collection for residents north of Ten Mile Road is on Monday.
Garbage collection for residents south of Ten Mile Road is Tuesday.
*******If your trash is not picked up on your assigned day, please call 248-437-2326 and we will contact GFL for you and have them come pick it up.******** 

If a holiday falls on or before the pick-up day during the work week, your pick-up will be delayed by one day. There is no garbage pickup on the following holidays (when they fall on a weekday):

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas

How to Obtain a Recycling Bin:
New residents can obtain 1 recycling bin if one was not left by previous owner. If you move, please leave the bin for the next homeowner, as it is the property of The City of South Lyon. If you need a recycling bin, one can be obtained from our DPW garage located at 520 Ada Street between the hours of 7:30 and 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 and 3:00 p.m. Bins are also now available at City Hall 335 S. Warren from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 pm. We do not have the resources to drop off recycling bins at residences, you will need to come to the DPW or City Hall to pick them up.

To obtain a free 64-gallon recycle cart, please click on the Residents Tab on the main page of our website, then click on Links to Resources. Under links of interest, click on the gflusa.com/city-of-south-lyon link. This will open a new window where you can fill in your address information and submit directly to GFL. A cart will be delivered directly to the property within 2 weeks.

All garbage, including recycling and compost materials, should be at the curb on garbage day before 6:00 a.m.

How to Recycle: Place all plastic, glass, newspaper, and metal cans in the recycling bin. Place overflow newspaper in brown paper bags next to bin. Recycling materials should be separated from the garbage by a few feet. GFL Environmental provides recycling services for the City and can be reached directly at (844) 464-3587. The Recycling Authority (RRRASOC) is also an excellent source of information and they can be reached at (248) 208-2270 or visit their very informative website www.rrrasoc.org

What Materials May be Recycled: For RRRASOC Curbside Recycling Guidelines Click Here

Current Hazardous Waste Disposal Event Schedule and list of items accepted at events Click Here

Clothing Recycling Program for City Residents: This service is provided by Simple Recycling and is an easy, free and convenient way to keep clothing and textiles out of our landfills. Other household items may also be donated: Bedding (sheets, pillows and cases, blankets, comforters), towels and table linens, books, kitchenware, pet beds & clothing, stuffed animals, tools, toys. 

Simple Recycling picks up your donations at your home--just schedule a pick-up. No need to use special bags--use your own bags and boxes. Leave your donation items on your porch, not at the curb.
Please click on the following link to request a pick-up.

Battery Recycling: With the assistance of the Recycling Authority, the City now offers recycling of household batteries. Household batteries may be dropped off at City Hall for recycling. There are blue containers near the building entry where they should be deposited.

Yard Waste Collection:  Compost materials are picked up on your regular trash day beginning the first FULL week in April through the second FULL week in December. Compost materials should be separated from the garbage by a few feet. You may bundle sticks and branches in 4' lengths weighing less than 50 pounds. Sticks, branches and vines will also be picked up by GFL if they are in a yard waste bag or can marked with a COMPOST sticker.

Helpful Information Sheets on home composting and grass clippings (Grasscycle)
Backyard Composting flyer
Grasscycling flyer


Brush Collection / Chipping
Brush collection / Chipping takes place between April 1 and October 30. Crews will go out after large storms as well.  If you have a large amount of branches due to storm damage, these branches with diameter less than 8", may be laid loose in one direction with cut ends at the curb. Contact the DPW at 248-437-6914 to request DPW to stop by with the chipper.

Pick up schedule will be as follows:  1st Monday of the month – residents north of 10 Mile Road. 3rd Monday of the month – residents south of 10 Mile Road.
All branches must be stacked at the curb with the cut ends facing the street. Brush piles shall be no larger than 4’ wide, 8’ long, and 4’ high.  No limbs over 8” in diameter.
Keep brush piles away from obstacles such as fire hydrants and utility poles, and maintain a safe line of sight distance for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

All materials will be chipped. Please ensure that there are no foreign objects (i.e., metal, building materials, rocks, etc.) included as these could cause damage to the equipment or injury to those operating the equipment.


Vines must be bundled or in compost bags and will be picked up by GFL on your regular garbage day.
Branches less than 2” in diameter must be bagged or bundled and will be picked up by GFL on your regular garbage day.
No roots or stumps.
No complete shrub with roots attached.

******City crews are not responsible for the removal of brush or branches produced by contractors.******

Fall Leaf Collection: The City of South Lyon vacuums leaves for composting from single family residents throughout the City each fall from approximately October 1 to December 1 or until the weather no longer permits (generally after the first snow). Residents in single family homes should place un-bagged leaves in the street next to the curb and the City will pick them up. Do not place anything other than leaves in the pile.

Click here for 2024 leaf pick up schedule
Click here for city map

Leaf pick up will continue through December 1, 2023 or until the first snowfall. GFL will pick up yard waste in brown paper bags (including leaves) until your regular scheduled pick up on December 11th or 12th, 2023.  Deviation of schedule may occur due to low volume in some areas.

Lawn Care:

Fertilizer: Remember that you’re not just fertilizing your lawn…
While fertilizer is good for our lawn, it’s bad for our water. Fertilizer that enters our lakes and streams can cause algae to grow and use up oxygen that fish need to survive. So what can you do to help? Simple.

  • Sweep it. Sweep excess fertilizer and grass clippings from pavement back onto your lawn so that they don’t wash into storm drains.
  • Buy low and go slow. Contact the Oakland County Michigan State University Extension at: (248) 858-0902 to get a soil test. Choose a fertilizer with no or low phosphorus--phosphorus causes algae growth. Also use an organic or slow-release nitrogen fertilizer, which causes less harm to water. Many local hardware stores carry earth-friendly fertilizing options.
  • Hire smart. Select a lawn care service that follows the practices noted above.
  • Mow high. Keep your lawn at three inches in height or more. Taller grass strengthens roots and shades out weeds. Also, remember that the nutrients from grass clippings left on your lawn act as a great fertilizer.
  • Make fertilizer-free zones. Keep fertilizer at least 20 feet away from the edge of any lakes, streams, or storm drains.

For more easy steps on protecting our lakes and streams, visit Ours to Protect: Simple Steps to Clean Water from SEMCOG

For more information on choosing a lawn care company that uses fertilizers responsibly, see A GuideTo Selecting a Lawn Service. (PDF)

Snow Removal and Winter Parking: Winter Parking is prohibited during a Snow Emergency. When the snow/ice accumulates to 4 inches or more a Snow Emergency will be declared.

The DPW is responsible for snow removal from City streets, and parking lots. Snow removal in all other areas is the responsibility of the property owner. Accumulated snow and ice must be removed from paved sidewalks within 24 hours of the precipitation event. If snow or ice is so hard that it cannot be removed without damaging the sidewalk, please use sand or an agent designed to melt the ice or other to ensure reasonably safe travel. As soon as the weather permits, please clean the sidewalk.

Storm Water Management:
City of South Lyon Storm Water Management Plan (PDF)
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
Pollution Incident Prevention Plan (PIPP)
Standard Engineering Specifications

Road Improvement:
Road Improvement Program - Eagle Pointe and Brookfield Subdivisions
Road Improvement Plan
PASER Rating Report
Proposed Ballot Language for Street Improvements Bond Proposal
Roadway Cross Section
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Road Improvement Plan Presentation

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