• Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission is responsible for the regular review, update and implementation of South Lyon's Master Plan. This includes developing policies on community growth, development and redevelopment of the City. The Commission also reviews and updates the Code of Ordinances as needed. It is the intent of the Planning Commission to work for the best interests of the entire community when considering planning and zoning issues, not just those people at a public hearing or an applicant or opponent.
    Planning Commission meetings are held at City Hall the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. NOTE: A 4th Thursday may be added if an additional meeting is needed.
    Planning Commission Members
    Scott Lanam, Chair
    Wayne Chubb, Commissioner
    Steve Mosier, Commissioner
    Jason Rose, Commissioner
    Michael Joseph, Commissioner
    Erin Kopkowski, Commissioner
    Kelly McIntyre,Planning Consultant, CIB Planning
    Lisa Hamameh, City Attorney