• Downtown Development Authority

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    320_1_SouthLyonDDALogoweb(1)The City of South Lyon established the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to promote the economic growth and development of the downtown business district while preserving the City's historic character. The DDA actively pursues new businesses for the downtown area and continues to promote the City through local events. It is the goal of the DDA, through the continued renovation of the City's downtown, to continue the creation of an attractive downtown which will serve as a center for business, social and community activities.

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    Available Commercial Properties

    For DDA and City-wide Economic Development information and inquiries contact
    Bob Donohue at 248-437-1735 or email him at robert@southlyonmi.org

    Main Street Oakland County: A key facet of this initiative will be participation in Main Street Oakland County (MSOC) a partner of the National Main Street Center. Main Street is an economic development program specifically targeted to provide technical assistance for the purpose of establishing and maintaining successful, comprehensive, and ongoing revitalization in traditional downtowns. South Lyon previously participated as a "Main Street Mentor Community". MSOC has recently reorganized with two new levels of participation in addition to the full-service Select Level. The two new levels include the "Affiliate" and "Associate" Levels. Affiliate designation replaces the former "Mentor Community" status, and is the beginner step to build downtown management capacity. The goal is to then move up to the new "Associate" Level which is the last step necessary to apply for full status at the highest level as a "Select" Level Main Street Community. County, State and National resources are available for "Select" Level MSOC communities. The focus of all three levels in the MSOC Program is to build an ongoing, comprehensive, community involved downtown management philosophy. South Lyon is committed to maximize the economic potential of its downtown. The entire community will be engaged in an all out effort to have South Lyon become a full-fledged Main Street Community in the near future.

    For DDA and City-wide Economic Development information and inquiries contact Bob Donohue at 248-437-1735 or robert@southlyonmi.org

    DDA meetings are held at City Hall the 2nd Thursday of every month at 8:00 a.m.

    DDA Board Members
    Gene Carroll, Chair - Property Owner
    Anne Buchtrup - The Lemon Tree
    Mark Childs - South Lyon Cycle
    Jennifer Dunigan - City Resident  
    Dereck Mashburn - DDA Resident
    Jeff Heinanen - Heinanen Engineering
    Norm Fultz - Norm's Total Automotive

    Economic Development/DDA Director
    Robert Donohue