• Lost and Found Pets


    • A Helpful tip is to post your lost or found animal to the Facebook Page  "For the love of Louie." The page has a high success rate of returning lost animals to their owner.   

    • To report a lost or found pet, city residents may call 248-437-1773 to have the animal added to the list.

    Information required for listing:
    • Date pet was lost or found
    • Approximate area or streets where pet was last seen
    • Pet's gender (male or female)
    • Approximate age of pet
    • Pet's breed, if known
    • Description of pet (size, hair type, coloring, distinguishing marks)
    • Pet's collar and tag description
    • Name and phone number of contact person.
    Additional information about lost and found pets is available on the Michigan Humane Society Web site.