• Lost and Found Pets

    Stray dogs should be reported to Oakland County Animal Control or the South Lyon Police Department.
    Michigan law requires individuals to notify the local police department with 48 hours if a stray animal is found or housed.

    The South Lyon Police Department maintains a Lost & Found Domestic Animal list.

    To list lost or found pets, city residents may call the Clerical Staff at 248-437-1773, between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

    Information required for listing:
    • Date pet was lost or found
    • Approximate area or streets where pet was last seen
    • Pet's gender (male or female)
    • Approximate age of pet
    • Pet's breed, if known
    • Description of pet (size, hair type, coloring, distinguishing marks)
    • Pet's collar and tag description
    • Name and phone number of contact person.
    Additional information about lost and found pets is available on the Michigan Humane Society Web site.